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Secure payment by credit card

Pay by credit card with peace of mind:

With your credit card, enjoy a simple, fast and secure way to pay for your online purchases. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. Take advantage of our partnership with the online payment platform.

All your banking information and personal data are fully secure thanks to the SSL encryption protocol (used on the majority of online sales sites). This is the highest level of encryption to guarantee secure transactions .

At no time Solddolls.com can access your banking data. Only our banking partner Stripe has access to this information for the purpose of contacting your bank. Once the transaction is completed, this data is destroyed. Thus, your data can not be stolen or reused in a dishonest way.

Before making the payment, please make sure your credit card has a sufficient payment limit. Indeed, many payments are refused because of a daily, weekly or monthly ceiling that is too low.

Secure payment by Paypal
Use your Paypal account:

Enjoy the protection of transactions by paying with your Paypal account. This guarantee is only possible by paying with your Paypal account. This allows you to challenge an online purchase within 180 days of payment.

Just like card payment, your banking information is never sent to the merchant. You have the option to pay your order by entering your username and password Paypal. This payment is secure.

Payment in several installments with Paypal:

Aurora, Cofinoga / Privilege or Cofidis 4 stars. Simply link to your Paypal account, then pay in 3 times, 5 times or other when paying on Paypal.

Before making the payment please ensure that your credit card has a sufficient payment limit. We draw your attention to the fact that your purchase limit is already low or already reached.

Payment by bank transfer:

By buying on our site, you also have the possibility to pay for your purchase.

We offer a secure bank transfer payment service . When you choose payment by bank transfer, you will receive an email with all the information required for payment.

Please note that additional charges may be applied by your bank for international transfers. These fees vary depending on the bank, please contact the bank for more information.

Payment by bank transfer is not immediate, the preparation of your order will begin by our services.

Payment in installments:

To pay for your shopping, you can pay in several times. You can apply to the financing service younited.

Secure payment